the week:
Two weekends ago already was my Florida trip. Wut?! But THIS weekend is actually, really our little getaway.

ft. lauderdale florida harbor boats

Ft. Lauderdale is pretty.

It’s been a week since my birthday so unceremoniously passed… huh. I should write about that. HUGE emotional difference from last year.

ft lauderdale brunch spots beach

A nice spot for brunch, eh?

There will be relaxation. And none of that looking at next week’s school assignments.

scavenger hunt florida

High fives, Florida!

seven things, seven days:
1. Developed a stress management/development project for my Psych class this trimester, and currently putting the plan into motion. Maybe I’ll post about that here too?
2. In any event: STRAIGHT A grades this semester!!!
3. And a week off between semesters. Hooray!
4. New hair, don’t care. I went shorter and lighter for the warmer weather and feel GREAT.
5. Reading: Gluten Freedom. Intending to read every week NOT just for school — or at the very least, a complement to coursework that is NOT the textbook.
6. Continuing the stress talk: 6 Strategies that Surprisingly Don’t Shrink Stress (I wasn’t surprised… but maybe you will be!)
7. And there ARE benefits to stress! No, really!

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