the week:
Short week for me, as I’m off to Texas! Soon as I fit all this stuff in one bag…

Ragnar Texas blogger

I’m doing my first Ragnar race in Luckenbach, TX. And by the time of this posting, I’ll be shoved in a van with 5 strangers who like to run (some, Internet strangers – but still, people I’ve never met IRL) — and on my way to some adventure that I don’t fully understand. Oh, there will certainly be stories and recaps to come.

I AM EXCITED. (I’m yelling over the nerves.)

seven things, seven days:
1. Provoked by really fascinating webinar sponsored by a women’s networking group, I am reading The Upside of Stress.
2. YAY! My REI dividends arrived!
3. I found these lovely Confidence Prompt Cards.
4. On-Road to Off-Road: Road Running for Trail Runners (I run both!) {via I Run Far}
5. Good Luck, Morons: Lazarus Lake & His Impossible Race (the Barkley Marathon, if you’re unfamiliar) {via Bitter Southerner}
6. Watch some ladies kick ass at Western States (I cried within the first 5 minutes): Life in a Day
7. The secrets to dating a non-runner {via Outside}

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