the week:
Wordpress has been having some wonky-ass glitches in the editing panel, so this post has been sitting for almost two weeks. They STILL haven’t responded to any of my tweets – despite figuring out what is causing the edit task bar (where you can add links and change font) to disappear. I can’t even go to Visual mode either because while I SEE it, I can’t click it. I also cannot add tags or any photos to my posts. It seems tied to how many drafts of a post are saved – or maybe something with one of my plug-ins. All this happened right after the last WP update, so something is incompatible now. SO FRUSTRATING!


I got my first retinol chemical peel (which I’ve been sharing to my Insta Stories) because I wanted to see if it would work to clear up some of my old acne scars and sun spots. WOAH BOY, has this been an interesting experience! I experienced a couple days of disruptive and uncomfortable annoyance (read: burning, itchy face peeling)… and even if the results were awesome, I’m not sure that I’d do it over again. 😬 I’m not at all embarrassed by how my face looks – then or now; I went to both yoga and boxing AND fancy dinner at our club in the midst of major peeling – though I find myself not wanting to wear a lot of makeup anymore. And when I DO wear makeup, my skin just looks awful. So that was what spurred me to do such a thing.

Spoiler alert: I have definitely noticed some positive changes in my skin – and the aesthetician warned me about having unrealistic expectations. But still. I guess for ACTUALLY BURNING SEVERAL LAYERS OF MY FACE OFF, I had some bigger expectations than the results that I have. 60% chance I do it again.

I know.

Despite us having a brief temperature warm up this week, we’re back to just about freezing again. But I’m planning some trail miles this morning at Brown’s Woods and a gathering with my fellow Turkeys.

Also, pretty sure I want to go to 80s/90s Skate Night.

See also: HOMEWORK.

seven things, seven days:
1. We bought a new couch… but because it had to be custom (due to the small size of our living space), we’re not getting it until March.
2. My hot pink boxing gloves are ALSO back-ordered through March. BOO!
3. In the meantime, I finally purchased a curtain rod set with my Restoration Hardware gift card that I received on my birthday. In May. 😬
4. And some new throw pillow covers from West Elm – that are even better in person! 😍
5. I’m starting to play around with heart rate monitoring during my runs. Any resources to recommend to learn more?
6. Why January is your least productive month {via Fast Company}
7. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting VERY excited about the upcoming Winter Olympics. Here are 3 steps to handling pressure like an Olympian (from a sport psychology alum of the program that I’m currently in!)

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