the week:
Oh, it turned October when I wasn’t paying attention. That means it’s marathon month. But also my favorite time of year — COLD WEATHER AND LAYERS. YAAAAAS. I’m not a PSL drinker, but I do love some pumpkin roll. Which I plan to make a gluten-free version of this year!

20-miler long run weekend! I’ll be running Sunday morning with a few ladies from my 16-mile group a couple weeks ago, and completing the Lemiuex 6.6k race as part of the “course.” I won’t lie: I am terrified.

I have a massage scheduled for Saturday, which is TOTALLY IN THE WRONG ORDER OF THINGS.

52 books in 52 weeks:
I’m 6 books behind right now so I’m going to need some quick, easy, fun reads to catch up. Any recommendations? (I’m halfway through a 400-page book and about a quarter through another 400-page book.)

seven things, seven days:
1. I had brunch last weekend at the Blue Door Cafe in Akron (Cuyahoga Falls), and they had the most amazing breakfast-sandwich-in-a-gluten-free-wrap. And individual french press coffee. I can’t wait to return when we’re back in town!
2. Went to my first graduate school open house… and my good feelings about this school and program grew stronger. I only have a month though until the application deadline, so I need to start thinking about my personal statement.
3. Being in love with The Moth podcast, I was so excited to attend the Pittsburgh live tour stop of their story slam.
4. Admittedly, I lied about never wanting to run another marathon. Because one day, I’d like to run this.
5. Why is it so hard to catch your own typos?
6. This research on weight vs diet and exercise in different generations is super fascinating. {via The Atlantic}
7. I initially published this with only 6 things. That’s a first!

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