the week:
The renovation project was on hold for a week, waiting for the electrician (who finally came to do the work on Saturday). The canned light placement was wrong, so needed to be fixed today. This will be the thing that sets me off, won’t it? Or was it the massive swarm of bees that found their way into a hole in our window sill? Anyway, contractors tell me that things will move very quickly now.

It better… because, week #4.

yogafest outdoors pittsburgh point park

Pedicure needed.

I spent a few hours at WHIRL’s YogaFest – I won a set of tickets, thanks to Yelp! Pittsburgh. I completed three classes, including my first Bikram session, and completely pooped out from the exercise and heat and direct sun. The thought of doing yoga ALL DAY certainly was ambitious. Whew. I’m STILL struggling Monday.

seven things, seven days:
1. Can I reiterate how much group assignments suck? And how much MORE they suck when it’s a group PAPER?!
2. All I want to do is flake out and read for hours on end and finish a book. Alas, there are papers to write.
3. I’m taking my first Amtrak trip to DC in a couple weeks. Really excited about it. And it’s a great opportunity to work on aforementioned group paper on board.
4. Hosted a reunion brunch for my “meat” class. I love hosting brunches. CHAMPAGNE!
5. I’m a PlayBuzz quiz answer! I seriously love my teammate for creating this — maybe you’ll get me, like I did.
6. Do you watch The Bachelorette? Here’s a fun article: What attachment style is Andi?

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