the week:
The problem with motivation is that when you’re doing too much of one thing, you lose the will or passion to do anything resembling it. I’ve been conscious of how much time I devote to doing school work — and how fried my brain is (and how it doesn’t quite work as well) when I don’t take breaks. I made sure to schedule several fun things this week to prevent my motivation from crumbling (two more weeks in the semester!). Because you can only stare at the same paper for so many hours before your brain is just NOT going to compute any new information.

three dudes

Plus: I miss my friends!

Date night Root Beer Tasting at Village Candy! A helluva lot different than last year’s celebrations. I’ve also never been to Sewickley. (Is that weird? Or normal for a Pittsburgher? Is it normal that I had to google the spelling of “Sewickley”? The boyfriend thought it was “Swickley” lolz)

seven things, seven days:
1. I went to the Toadies concert, and they rocked my face off. Generally, I hate live shows, but Rubberneck is my favorite album of all time — and HOLY ROCK GODS, THEY PERFORMED EVERY SINGLE SONG. #recharged
2. I also finally purchased Rubberneck on vinyl.
3. Another successful shipment from Blue Apron! This service is, dare I say, making meals fun again. (And yes, since the service doesn’t specifically cater to food sensitivities, I have to swap some items out.)
4. Coffee with old friends. I really want to make this a weekly habit.
5. Creative mornings: SEX. Finally, a topic that speaks to me AND a free Friday to participate! … and I slept in. *cries*
6. 6 Psych experiments that shed light on your eating and drinking habits.
7. (just because it’s so ridiculous) 8 Most Absurd Lessons Americans Teach Kids About Sex (woof).

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