the week:
We were anticipating “Gobblegeddon” to arrive in Pittsburgh just prior to Thanksgiving, and we were thankfully spared (but definitely not from all the doomsday MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TOILET PAPER AND BREAD!!!! style weather reporting).

Hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner with mixed family was so wonderful, and we were squeezed in! I loved having people in our home and planning a meal for 12 people… and decorating the table for a REAL dinner party. I loved not having to drive somewhere (especially considering my work schedule around the holiday). My nieces were adorably high strung; the cats were beyond terrified. And besides the boyfriend chopping off a small section of his finger cutting the absolutely last item (ahem), there was no bloodshed! My dad took over turkey carving duties — his first attempt; he cut that dang bird perfectly.

CHRISTMAS DECORATING! Our tree isn’t being delivered until the first week of December, but I’m bringing up the bins from the basement to prepare. And there WILL be glitter nutcrackers adorning my mantel.

seven things, seven days:
1. I started Thanksgiving running the PNC YMCA Turkey Trot. Not only did I run the entire 5K (my ultimate goal of the race), I freakin PR’d that thing! Did I mention it was 17 degrees?!
2. I wore my new Splendid boots the ENTIRE day of Thanksgiving. They were so comfortable, I wanted to sleep in them. Hey, I wonder if Splendid makes slippers…
3. My Black Friday treat this year was a MVP pass to Rollercon.
4. A portion of our back roof is getting replaced. Finally. The contractor is going to seal the chimney too. Praise Tiny Baby Jesus, these leaks just may stop in time for Christmas!
5. I found someone on Etsy that makes frames for those photo booth strips. We have so many of those cute pictures that I want to hang.
6. Doctor bills are SO much more manageable when your yearly deductible has been met. And I get to see hot doctor again this week.
7. If you missed it on Facebook, I shared this story from Door Sixteen about her 30-something experiences with acne and skin problems. I can’t tell you how much I can relate.

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