the week:
The post office seriously just delivered my “missing” package from March 23 (you know, that package when I went to my local office to pick it up, was not there). The delivery person was “confused” as to why the numbers weren’t matching up. Uh, BECAUSE IT’S NOT THE SAME PACKAGE. The other missed package (my Sprig Box!) to be redelivered this past Saturday: no attempt at redelivery (even though I’ve now scheduled it twice). What is it that does not compute for these postal workers?! So frustrating that I’m ready to never shop online with any company who uses them to ship.

There are probably bigger things that I should worry about…

PCBW crew

Volunteering on the Beer Barge, as part of PCBW.
DIRTY BALL! The best party of the year.
Then tailgating on Sunday (and game, of course) for the Pittsburgh Power.

52 books in 52 weeks:
Remember that reading plan? Yeah. I’m back at it. And have some MAJOR catching up to do.
#11 Gone Girl – read it in less than 2 days. Couldn’t put it down, but mostly because it made me SO ANGRY. You should read it.

seven things, seven days:
1. Scored a really fun Kindle cover and tiny ear buds at Five Below (and workout shorts and a sports bra and… man this store gets you!).
2. Loving our CSA so far, but our egg share was missing the last two weeks. Kind of a bummer.
3. League headshot day! Naturally my hair did not cooperate. I need some new hair-spiration.
4. We’re making plans for a road trip to Wisconsin in June: beer and friends and cheese and derby. EXCITE.
5. I’m sporting two sets of blisters this week on both feet from my new casual slip-on tennies. PISSED. Mostly because they were so comfy when I tried them on before purchase.
6. Time Management Tips for Those with ADHD from PsychCentral.
7. Psssst… Zoya Giveaway via The Beauty of Life

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  • themoderngal

    HATED Gone Girl. But yeah, couldn’t put it down.