the week:
It was a two-day work week for me, and I cannot explain to you how exciting it is that I don’t have to return to the office until January 4. After the last couple years of working most holidays and/or their surrounding days (including NYE AND New Year’s Day, the day after Christmas, Easter, etc.), this is a special treat this year. I don’t have to rush through Christmas celebrations and travel because of worrying about work the next day.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Duh, I’ll be playing with all of my new toys!

52 books in 52 weeks:
#50: American Savage by Dan Savage — I received this book as a Christmas gift last year and it’s been sitting on my nightstand… well, for about a year. I probably would have enjoyed it more last year when I was eager to read it. Overall, I felt the message was pretty redundant, especially if you already read the Savage Love column and listen to his podcast (which I don’t even do either anymore).

seven things, seven days:
1. My friend was kind enough to drop off some gluten-free pizzelles over the weekend, and… OMG I HAVE SO MANY COOKIES.
2. Cookies for breakfast, cookies for lunch, cookies for snack…
3. The party we went to last Friday was seriously one of the BEST parties I’ve been to since moving to Pittsburgh where I knew NOBODY, besides my boyfriend. Every single person that I mingled with was so interesting and friendly. And we all got turns to ride a hoverboard in the hallway.
4. Totally missed the boat on putting a selfie stick on my gift list this year! Dang it.
5. Listening to Christmas music in the shower in the morning has done wonders for my holiday spirit. 🙂
6. James Clear on mental toughness and the Marathon Monks If you commit to nothing, you’ll be distracted by everything. I’ve read about the Kaihogyo 1,000-day challenge before, and I particularly like James’ lessons from which to apply to our own lives and goal-setting.
7. There’s no excuse to be bored? Ehhhhh. How boredom is becoming anything but boring {via Dallas News}

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