the week:
I got moved again at work this week, and hopefully we can stay put until being able to go back to our regular office space because I miss my routine (but like my currently-shorter commute). While I shouldn’t be surprised at the effects, all of these changes have really caught up with me physically and mentally this week.

The weather is supposed to be really nice on Sunday, so I’ve got a fun trail date with my fellow Turkeys!

seven things, seven days:
1. Did you see the special edition Brooks Shamrock Launch for St. Patrick’s Day???? Bummed that they are not the offset (or brand) that I prefer, but I purchased them anyways. ?
2. After finally finding a stylist to make my hair the shade of brunette that I wanted, this article made me hate my terrible hair just a bit more: Why We Think So Much About Our Hair {via The Book of Life}
3. My Rudy Rutabaga (read: cat) turned 8 this week!
4. 44 marathons in 44 (Euro) countries across 44 days… in support of mental health issues. {via Marathons for the Mind}
5. How to avoid overeating during periods of intense training {via Summer Tomato}
6. Information avoidance — aka: ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away! {via Science of Us}
7. OMG I LOVE THIS!!! >> I hate running {via Adventure Journal}

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