the week:
Guys, I spent a decent portion of the week fuming about something. I needed to just let it go (after uncovering WHY it made me so angry). And then something else made me really mad. And, well, I guess I’m just having that kind of week.

Welp, I was supposed to run a marathon this weekend (those plans obviously went under a few weeks ago). And then I was supposed to go to my first derby practice here on Sunday (but it got canceled). So, now the boyfriend and I are going to hit up the Junk Jubilee though at the Fairgrounds though! Something there is sure to piss me off.

seven things, seven days:
1. Our department at work celebrated National Pretzel Day. It was awesome. (I brought gf ranch pretzels to share, and everyone seemed to like them!)
2. I also made a new friend at work. She and I started on the same day, with the same placement firm (though we’re on different teams), and we made plans to have lunch together. And she’s trying to talk me into going salsa dancing. (YAY, FRIENDS!)
3. I was seriously surprised at how cute some of the Victoria’s Secret sport clothing line was! Now, I just wish they’d bring back my favorite IPEX wireless bra.
4. I spent an evening trying to relax in my bathtub (because I now have a beautiful jetted tub in which to relax), and it was basically a big fail. A very, very bubbly fail… but FAIL, nonetheless. #cantrelax
5. Want to get in the best of health? YOU GOT ONE MINUTE? {via Science Daily}
6. YASSSSS!!! At 100, she’s still running for her life {via NYT}
7. MORE YASSSSSS on all the badass women: Weightlifter Mattie Rogers Poised to Become USA’s Badass Olympic Sweetheart {via Bleacher Report}

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  • YES to all the badass women out there and YAY to friends! Glad to see you’re settling in. Hopefully the rage will calm down.

    Awesome title, by the way!