the week:
Guys. The contractors have promised me that the master bathroom, bedroom wall, hallway, and master closet will be DONE before Thanksgiving. Praise, baby turkey Jesus, I need to clean my house.



Woof. Another mid-point statistics exam today. Send me some wisdom, Math Gods! There’s also Light Up Night (and its usual hijinks). Since taking on a full-time role at work, I will regularly work over the weekends — though I’ll still get out in time to enjoy Friendsgiving dinner Saturday night. The contractors are planning to work Saturday too so that our home is in working order by Thanksgiving (that will certainly be something in which to give thanks!). Homework and a long run planned for Sunday, and I fully intend to move into my NEW WALK-IN CLOSET.

If you’re in Pittsburgh and into social media and blogging and podcasting (and not working, like me), you should go to PodCamp!

seven things, seven days:
1. The East Nash Dash I ran in Nashville sent me such a wonderful letter about the benefitting charity Progress, Inc. ALL proceeds from the race go towards the organization — how amazing is that?! I wish more organizations stayed in touch this way.
2. Happiness Conspiracy this week left me feeling… well, less happy. I don’t know if I can really explain it, but I feel as though I am lacking in self-awareness, identity, and confidence. I need to work on my authenticity and living an authentic life.
3. Current status: sleeping in the guest room because of the work (and dust) in the master. Everyone should sleep in their guest room to ensure it’s comfortable and cozy. Mine is probably the coldest room in the house besides the kitchen, so I hope you’re into that! Or, you get an air mattress in the attic.
4. Anticipating the end of this project, I have been on something of a spending spree. Probably has something to do with winter hibernation, right?
5. 9 Quotes About Life from the Movie “Garden State” – wisdom from one of my favorite movies. {via PsychCentral}
6. Some call it “ghosting,” some call it “pancaking.”
7. I’m (still) fascinated by (and want to study) motivation — this research is in reference to the motivation behind selfies {via The Red & Black}

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