the week:
Well, I am positively exhausted. And I missed out on both Sunday Lately posts with my Blogger Tribe and am holding off on my Accountability Monday post until next week because… well, because last week’s training blog didn’t deserve its own post.

I’m catching up but now saddled with some extra, stressful shit on the homefront. SIGH. Also, I think I still have jet lag pretty bad or residual physiological exhaustion from my travel anxiety.

This Sunday is the 5th Annual Yoga Expo at Pittsburgh Opera in the Strip District. I honestly don’t remember how I found out about this event (or remember even paying for it), but I did! My participation depends on the weather/driving conditions and if I can get a long run in on Saturday instead.

We’re also visiting A BABY – and dropping off some homemade food to friends (parents of said newborn). Pending the seriousness of this incoming storm, we’ll likely enjoy some beverages with some neighbor friends.

seven things, seven days:
1. Not a lot about myself this week, but the rest of the Internet made up for it!
2. That said, I’m having lunch at Smallman Galley today and OH LOOK AT ALL THOSE GF OPTIONS! What an awesome project this is, btw.
3. Well, here’s a different perspective on procrastination. {via NYT}
4. Oooooh “hunger [as] a motivated state of mind”. What say you? {via Aeon}
5. Research on boredom – I want to read more about its effect on performance. Boredom as related to performance psychology (and its counterparts, apathy and burnout) are particularly interesting to me, and what I hope to study when I go back to pursue my graduate degree. {via Nature}
6. Got stress? You should be paying attention to your body. Includes interesting research, too, about resilience. {via NYT}
7. Have you ever ghosted your therapist? {via Psychology Today}

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