the week:
I honestly don’t know how I’m surviving this week. I am beyond exhausted after working six days straight, with events two nights in a row; now, an interview and finishing up final papers to wrap up my last class for the semester.

That two week winter school break is right within reach…

Looking forward to three days off in a row! You bet I scheduled a 90-minute massage for my weekend.

We’re also going ice skating at PPG Place with two other couples, and attending an eggnog party Saturday night (making a gluten-free eggnog cupcake to bring!). I plan to get a couple fun runs in too — one with some derby friends and another with SCRR.

PS: for the BEST eggnog recipe, I use go by the Velvet Tango Room standard.

seven things, seven days:
1. Finishing up some Christmas shopping, but mostly finished. Bah humbug, give me a hamburger or something.
2. Our last Happiness Conspiracy was Wednesday night, and it was bittersweet. You should definitely consider signing up for the next set of workshops! This experience — and the connections — was so valuable to me. Psssst, there’s an early bird special discount code until 12/31/14!
3. One of the cats already peed on the tree skirt. I GIVE UP!
4. The holiday run for Fleet Feet downtown was SO MUCH FUN. I need more nighttime social runs in my life.
5. Still waiting for my Stats final exam grade. Don’t make me all caps something else…
6. A really amazing write-up about roller derby — and the awesome Fisti Cuffs. {via Medium}
7. The secret to learning while you are distracted {via PsyBlog}. I think I mastered this growing up the eldest of 7 children.

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