the week:
I’m done with this heat and humidity and feeling as though my eyeballs are sweating every time I go outside (and even knowing wtf a dew point is, but know every day that it’s terrible). I miss laying out in my hammock a lot. The cover hasn’t been off the thing since early June when my sister and niece visited. Gross.

It’s FURRIES WEEKEND — and probably one of my favorite weekends in Pittsburgh! This year, Anthrocon is doing its annual parade outside for the public on Saturday afternoon, and I intend to be there. I’ll also be gathering with some friends on Friday for Happy Hour to help welcome them into town.

Saturday night is the Deutschtown Music Festival, and I’ll be bar-hopping a little that evening as well. Sunday, I’ve got a long run (7 miles) on the schedule and MUCHO homeworko. Or something.

52 books in 52 weeks:
In the middle of a couple books, but didn’t finish anything this week.

seven things, seven days:
1. Started my week off with a 90-minute massage — with someone new and also a man, which is beside the point — I’ve been having difficulty with my usual therapist’s schedule fitting mine, so I might have a new go-to because I feel amazing. (And I’m not waiting two months to go back again.)
2. My friends (who we traveled to Costa Rica with two years ago) sent me some coffee straight from Guatemala and I just want to hoard it. SO DELICIOUS.
3. Blood work this week to check on how my Vitamin D levels (and everything else) are doing. Having a late morning appointment when having to fast is something awful. And then I almost passed out on the nurse. :-/
4. …and the results are already in by the publishing of this post: I’m now back on prescription D. Again. UGH.
5. How do you find time for more reflection every week? Asking for a friend.
6. This post from Ash Ambirge STOPPED. ME. IN. MY. TRACKS. I can’t get her/this post out of my head. Kick in the ass needed. {via the middle finger project}
7. Speaking of which, Yes & Yes also has an amazing post about change. This one resonated with me so much, especially with recent events of which I’ve vague-posted. {h/t to Nicole at Life Less Bullshit for emailing out this article}

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