the week:
The contractors were totally right when they said things were going to start moving quickly. Because, OMG we have a room! Save for the random items that keep ending up on the back-ordered list (and that we need to find time to go mattress shopping for our new bed in the master), this guest suite is basically done. You know, expect for carpeting (ugh, delayed until the end of the month).

Last week, I’ve felt the most crappy since I started my food elimination diet. I was back to being lethargic every day… feeling like my body was caving in on me. Thankfully, it feels like I’m out the other end (glutened pun intended?) of a really bad contamination period. Can you believe I’m approaching my six-month mark?

last weekend:
I ran a mile! And then I had a margarita. The end. Oh, my summer semester ended too (two more A grades!). Then there was the annual APA Convention. So much in the way of travel stories and inspiration and things I learned that have to come later in another post — but it was an amazing experience.

this past weekend:
So much busy: happy hour dinner with the boyfriend, then the Steelers game, and then our neighbors hosted an alley party/dance party. ‘Tis fun, but I need a weekend!

seven things, seven days:
1. I’ve totally been stuck on the same book for over a month. The struggle is real.
2. Well then, that week off before Fall semester went by quickly. Starting off Fall semester with a management theory class. Woof.
3. Gluten-free baked goodies from a bakery in Rhode Island (mail order cinnamon buns!). You’re welcome.
4. Still craving ketchup. This helps.
5. Really sad about Robin Williams, right? Read: Depression when you have it all {via PsychCentral}
6. I was really hoping to do a SUP Yoga class before the end of summer. Know of any sessions available in Pittsburgh?
7. I poked myself in the eye with some sidewalk chalk (those big crayon-shaped instruments), and had a blood mark on my eye white for nearly three weeks. It’s finally dissipated (thankfully!). I swear, these weird situations seem to find me. And I need to stay away from blunt objects.

How’s your week?

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