the week:
Trying to manage a week where we had something going on every night (dinner with friends, date night dinner, dinner with friends, repeat). It’s Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, so food tends to happen. A lot.

We had an incredible meal at Toast! Monday night — the restaurant is showcasing two unique menus this week (each, five courses): vegan truffles or his n’ hers foie gras. We went with the latter. FOIE GRAS DONUTS was a course. GET THERE THIS WEEK IF YOU CAN. But seriously, get there any time because the food at Toast has always been delicious.

The other (new) restaurant we visited was just OK. I didn’t order from the Restaurant Week menu because it was mostly uninteresting (bonus, not: they have a limited menu because of PRW) and went a’la carte. There was kind of a “sticker shock” involved here and slow, mediocre service which led to an overall feeling of… meh. Too many amazing restaurants in Pittsburgh to complain about the bad ones.

Taking a social trip to Cleveland. Follow along on twitter (@30sTherapy). While you’re at it, like 30sTherapy on Facebook too.

Also, we’re playing our last away game in regular season Saturday in the Akron area. Then it’s PLAYOFFS!

seven things, seven days:
1. Cakestyle is no more (sad for the company), but that doesn’t mean I didn’t score a few awesome pieces during their closeout sale!
2. My new piano book is missing almost 20 pages — total misprint on behalf of the publisher. What the hell.
3. The (gigantic) bruise I got at last weekend’s game has plank marks in it from the floor of the skating rink. FOR REAL.
4. Hey, I had a make-your-own Asian noodles meal this week! I never understood the trend, but naturally, I’m just another 30-something (fashionably) late to the party — LOVE!
5. We finally rented a carpet cleaner to deal with the cat “mistakes” on the area rugs around the house. We figured it would be a bonus to clean the upstairs carpets too… until the cats peed on them, too, immediately afterward. I can’t deal anymore.
6. Anyone have experience with Blue Apron or Hello Fresh (or similar food delivery services)? I’m interested.
7. Life’s Priorities: are you too busy… or are there just more important things right now? {via Art of Non-Conformity}

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