the week:
Has this felt like the longest short week to anyone else?
I feel as though I have accomplished nothing, and yet, SO BUSY AND FRAZZLED. It hasn’t helped my brain or my training much, the fact that I experienced an awful onset of DOMS from Monday’s CrossFit workout. I was in so much pain, I spent my training week healing and rolling and stretching… and ARGH. Frustrated.

Why do these taste like chewable Flintstone vitamins? Blech.

Why do these taste like chewable Flintstone vitamins? Blech.

Also, why do my iphone pictures STILL upload sideways (even after editing the image). This has been happening for nearly the lifetime of an iphone. Fix it, wordpress!

Massage Saturday, then dinner at Bar Marco — I’m considering waking up for a yoga session at SHPY too. BIG PLANS FOR NOTHING on Sunday.

52 books in 52 weeks:
#6 Elite Minds by Stan Beecham. FIVE STARS. I’m going to read it again, it’s SO, SO good.

seven things, seven days:
1. I’ve really been scoring with deals on work clothes on Poshmark.
2. …and I finally sold a pair of shoes on the dang app.
3. I made a new friend at happy hour this week who grew up in the same city in Ohio!
4. I also mad an investment on new thermal running pants because this shit seems to be sticking around.
5. How are your resolutions going? (Terrible!) You still have 10 months to meet one goal per month this year! {via The Chalkboard}
6. As someone with three sisters, this was a WOOOOOF (that would be air deflating)… and then tears. Forty portraits in forty years {via New York Times}
7. “Visualize the proverbial curtain rising.” 5 Ways Thinking Like a Ballerina Can Bring Balance to Your Life {via HuffPost}

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