the week:
Well, I shared some big news this week. Kinda overshadows my news of getting a new car. 😉

Can you believe that I’ve made it to 7:30am group run THREE Saturdays in a row??? Still not a morning person, but it definitely feels good to get my long runs out of the way and have the entirety of my Saturday free.

I have no horse in the race for tomorrow’s BIG GAME, though we’ll be consuming a bunch of calories with friends.

seven things, seven days:
1. I wore heels (like, actual stiletto dress heels) for the first time in YEARS. Thankfully, sitting for dinner didn’t require much STANDING on them. ?
2. Did you know all seasons of Desperate Housewives is on Hulu? It was one of my favorite shows. I started watching agin from the first season — this series still holds up!
3. I can buy Jeni’s ice cream in Iowa!!!
4. How do you feel about self-help gurus? {via Vox}
5. Why old friends matter – this piece warmed my heart. I have girlfriends that I’ve known since elementary school, and I’m so excited to have them visit me this summer in Iowa! {via Book of Life}
6. How being part of a crowd can change you for the better (what’s up, my Women Marchers?) {via Science of US}

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