the week:
This week’s been a lot to take in. I’ve been hyper-anxious, overly excitable — with a severe case of NO FOCUS and HANGRY. I guess my focus is on the finish line, as they like to use in running metaphors and motivational posters. And also, what the hell I’m going to wear.

View from my desk: TWO MORE DAYS!

View from my desk: TWO MORE DAYS!

Obviously, it’s Race Weekend — so I’ll be taking on the Steel Challenge of running a 5K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday.

52 books in 52 weeks:
NOPE. Somehow, I’ve started four books and have nothing to show in the way of finishing anything reading-related. Oh, but I’ll be finishing a marathon AND a winter semester, so then I have some time to relax with my freshly-started books.

seven things, seven days:
1. A new treadmill… that looks exactly like a treadmill. {via Science Daily}
2. Marathon leggings from Dona Jo Fitwear — from a Pittsburgh-based company! {via NEXT Pittsburgh}
3. NEXT also profiled Marathon CEO Patrice Matamoros.
4. Is anyone else really hungry?
5. Also, hey thanks, ovaries!
6. The secret to a longer life and faster metabolism? CHEESE. {via The Telegraph}
7. I can’t focus anymore. Thinking about dinner.

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