the week:
I’m giving a lot of gratitude this week: to a holiday-cooked-for-two, and full bellies, and convalescence from this cold that’s been dragging me down all week. I was too sick to run the Turkey Trot this year. And I guess in hindsight, though disappointed, it was the right thing to cancel our travel plans for the holiday. We stayed home, and the boyfriend smoked a small turkey (even though neither of us eats/likes it that much, it was delicious!) and made all the Thanksgiving fixings (enough for a week’s worth of leftovers for 8 people, for sure).

Work gave us an extra holiday today, and I’m using a vacation day on Monday. A five-day weekend sounds like perfection right now. I might be crazy enough to go out shopping for some deals (since I have a couple gift cards still yet to use from my birthday/graduation), since I am nowhere started on my Christmas lists yet. At some point this weekend, I’ll get back on my exercise plan that’s been wholly derailed because of this sickness (I’d really like to do the Ugly Sweater Run on Sunday).

Make no mistake, my cats are NOT happy about all this coughing!

52 books in 52 weeks:
#45 Life and Other Near-Death Experiences by Camille Pagan — Quite different of a book that I usually go for, but thanks to Kindle Unlimited for the title suggestion and pulling me out of the non-fiction shelves. Enjoyable, guilty-pleasure sort of read, despite the main character’s cancer diagnosis and (without giving away plot lines) other life shit. Considering the circumstance — her circumstances — the book provoked some optimism in an otherwise tragic story.

seven things, seven days:
1. I found out this week that my favorite face cosmetics brand (the only powder that has ever matched my skin tone and not changed color when I get oily!) has discontinued stocking in the US. So, currently stalking eBay and Australia beauty sites for Napoleon Perdis camera finish compacts. Apparently they ship internationally, but OMG $69 for a compact is a real sticker shock… and I can’t get my checkout order to process anyway, and their customer service is downright awful. DAMMIT IT ALL TO HELL.
2. I was detecting a funky smell somewhere in my kitchen and as I walked around looking for it, I smacked my face right into the side of the table. YEP.
3. Pre-Black Friday Deal: Finally purchased an Apera performance duffle during an online sale this week. Hopefully my search for the perfect gym bag ends here.
4. We started binge-watching The Leftovers on Thanksgiving… and ZOMG. Only 5 episodes into Season 1, so NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!
5. I realized when clearing boxes out of my front closet that my marathon shoes were a half-size smaller than my training shoes in the same exact model. That’s… interesting.
6. Everybody needs to read this: Exercise is not punishment for eating. {via Nia Shanks}
7. The technology that created a whole new generation of runners {via The Atlantic}

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