the week:
Carpet was installed in the guest space, and now we wait for the final finishes and touches (and a back-ordered pendant light) to complete the renovation. I have been MORE than impressed with the work from these contractors, and we hired them to start other projects in the house next month. Yep, we’re going all out for a master bathroom remodel! Which means I also get a (tiny) walk-in closet.

{check out the pics down there in the Insta-therapy sidebar!}

Last regular season game (away) in Ohio! Then it’s time for Playoffs. Get it.

seven things, seven days:
1. I was super pumped to attend a session about sports psychology and CrossFit last weekend, sponsored by my box and given by a fellow athlete and almost-psychologist.
2. Found another gluten-free bakery just outside of the Pittsburgh area: Truly Wize. They also sell their sweet goodies at Naturally Soergel’s; boyfriend also found some packaged oatmeal cookies at Market District. I’m currently embarrassing myself over their version of a swiss cake roll (IT’S SO AWESOME).
3. Somehow in my sleep I purchased a case (a CASE!) of Figgies & Jammies, so says this Amazon email. They are the best, and I was traumatizing myself that I forgot to purchase at Soergel’s this weekend. So I will eat them.
4. Can you believe I have been gluten- and nightshade-free for six MONTHS!? I have my retesting next week with Emily Levenson (look her up if you’re interested in having sensitivity testing done).
5. REALLY looking forward to Britt Reint’s Conspiracy next month. In Pittsburgh? You should join the group!
6. West Elm Bakery Square is opening in Pittsburgh next week (YAY!!!).
7. Three tips to change your perspective on nearly everything. {via PsychCentral} I really like the idea of the heart-to-heart. We all need that perspective at one point or another.

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