the week:
Well, management theory is over, and I’m doing less-than-awesome in Statistics (which is really bumming me out). I’m all caught up on my grant writing course, however; last week I also started a sociology class about Workplace Diversity theories. No derby has opened up a “free” schedule of my dreams for studying and homework and general Getting Ahead. Another adaptation though (and really hoping it has a positive effect on my sleeping patterns).

We went to the post season Pirates game last Wednesday and had the most amazing seats (and were, embarrassingly, on the Kiss Cam *cringe*). I also got a foul ball souvenir from my seatmate. Too bad about those Pirates though; it was a bear of a game to watch… save for Bumgarner’s incredible pitching.

I worked all day on Saturday, so I feel like I need another weekend from my weekend… sigh. That’s the worst, right? (Especially upon coming home you realize that your new class assignments are due on Saturdays and not Sundays). At least I could join a couple neighbor friends for delicious Sunday brunch at Kaya (still one of my favorites in this city), and I ran 3 miles! My body is starting to accept this change in exercise behavior.

seven things, seven days:
1. Thanks to Ashley from Our Little Apartment for the “unfilth” your habitat app. {NSFW language on the app, but go search in Apple store!}
2. I can’t be the only annoyed by the word “sweetie,” right? Please tell me that I’m not overly-sensitive about this. {This, I find from both men and women, but feels especially condescending from women for some reason.}
3. The sink cabinet that I adored and drooled over (and pinned!) for months is too big for the master bathroom renovation. And I’m angry devastated. Stupid row house space constraints.
4. But the contractors are starting this week on demo, so…
6. We had to turn on the heat though. Good thing it works?
7. I’ve always preferred the word “adapt” to “change” — it’s all in the optimism, I think. Regardless, this article is appropriate given the season: Adapting to Change. {via PsychCentral}

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that I’m reading Redirect: The surprising new science of psychological change.

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