the week:
Oh boy, am I having sugar withdrawal headaches. It’s almost enough for me to say EFF THIS and eat an entire package of gluten-free blueberry muffins with a side of gluten-free honey nut Chex. I won’t, and I’ll survive, but I am miserable. *takes more Tylenol*

I started my statistics course! Woot!

The annual Mexican War Streets House Tour (our neighborhood) is happening today. We — well, our garden — participated last year, so I’m excited to NOT be stressed about that, but looking forward to seeing all the incredible houses on the tour this year. Also, neighbors serving mimosas in a couple hours. BRB.


Last night we went to a live reading of The Wonder Years (first season) at Arcade Comedy Theater. Super psyched as their programming is always hilarious, and the show was one of my favorites as a kid — plus Rick Sebak as adult Kevin, narrating!

seven things, seven days:
1. Have you heard about/done NET type of behavioral therapy? Someone at a happy hour was recently discussing having NET, and I find it fascinating.
2. I lived without my phone for 24 hours (and drove 2 hours home by myself). OH THE ANXIETY.
3. My boyfriend’s parents remarried in a beautiful, small ceremony at Gervasi vineyards in Ohio. So lovely.
4. Burned my finger trying to heat up an oatmeal cup for breakfast, even though I had a hot pad. #dumb
5. I. LOVED. Acupuncture.
6. And then I woke up feeling like I threw my back out (hashtag, old lady). I basically couldn’t bend over or make any sudden movements propelling myself forward. Seems to have worked itself out, but WTF.
7. Something I’m sure we’re all talking about this week: Psychology lessons from the Ray Rice fiasco {from PsychCentral}

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