the week:
It’s my birthday week! I ran a half marathon this week! This week is also payday! It’s also finals week, but… eh. I’m basically already done (and looking forward to a week off). It’s a good freaking week! Everything with exclamations!

And dessert.

Waking up early tomorrow for a BIRTHDAY MASSAGE. (And then, yes, I can stop milking this birthday week.) I have a party planned at Howl at the Moon, and I’m super-excited about one opening in downtown Pittsburgh. I am a sucker for dueling piano bars and celebrations! Then my Dad is coming into town; hopefully we can find better tickets to the baseball game on Sunday.

The irony is that it’s Mother’s Day, and I’m hanging out with my dad. Have I mentioned that I’m a Mother’s Day baby?

52 books in 52 weeks:
#14: Breaking the Fifth Wall — my boss handed me this soon after starting my new job, and since it’s related to what I do at work I could read it at my desk in between projects. Quick read, easy to understand concepts about knowing the appropriate marketing tools to reach your art audience. I enjoyed it.

seven things, seven days:
1. Uber came and picked up three huge bags of clothing donations that have been sitting in my basement for nearly three years — they partnered with Goodwill for this donation drive. OMG, this was quite possibly the best thing ever. Please deliver me burritos, kthxbai.
2. Bonus: we had a contractor haul away all the excess paint cans sitting in the basement from this house’s previous owner. You guys, I CAN WALK IN MY BASEMENT.
3. Upon forgetting to bring my charge cord to work AGAIN for my phone, purchased this cool gadget.
4. Went to a breakfast seminar, everything was gluten. #storyofmylife
5. Nerded out to Neil deGrasse Tyson last night (!!!). He talked for over three hours and is a fantastic lecturer. I can have him as my teacher?
6. Early birthday dinner at ELEVEN. Disappointed that I didn’t receive my birthday coupon this year (this has been an annual tradition since moving to Pittsburgh), but my meal and experience, as always, was wonderful.
7. Among the generational tags, I’ve never felt the categories “fit.” Oh, but this one does: The Oregon Trail Generation

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  • Yay for all the birthday things! I hope it’s a great weekend for you!

    That’s a genius way to collect donations. I thought I heard that Uber was going to try something similar to a delivery service. I wonder if this is a way to break into that.