the week:
Movers delivered everything on Monday. New sectional was delivered on Tuesday. Piano tuner was here on Wednesday. I had an interview on Thursday. Errands to run and dinner plans on Friday. This was a little look into how my week was thus far. And a headache today, to boot. I have probably also had too much wine this week.

I have no clue what this label is supposed to mean. ?

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Well, because all of our stuff showed up and I want to get my house in order, I’ll be opening a lot of boxes and trying to clear out my garage! It’s also Easter, and since we won’t be traveling back to Ohio, we’ll be making our traditional foods and having our own fun little dinner party on Sunday.

And there’s still a chance that we might get into downtown. And maybe I’ll actually be able to settle into start a workout routine. I’ll definitely need to open up a new bank account, however.

seven things, seven days:
1. I gained five pounds already. :-/
2. Found a few broken items from the move, but nothing really to make a big fuss (or claim) over.
3. Have I mentioned how windy it is here? It’s really windy. And the thunderstorms are no joke.
4. I also experienced the first statewide weather alarm testing, which… blblblblblblblbbllbbl. OMG. I had no idea it was a random mid-week testing — it’s usually done on a Saturday. I freaked. the eff. out.
5. How much of our personality are we “stuck” with and how much can we change after 30? {via Science of Us}
6. Oooof, adding to the reproducibility crisis in the field of psychology — new research on the theory of ego depletion {via Slate}
7. On “idea debt” and procrastination and such: Stop thinking, start doing {via The Guardian}.

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