the week:
Better late than never: THEY’RE FINALLY STARTING RENOVATIONS. Ahem. I have to admit that it hasn’t been THAT bad, but the construction is really distracting me from schoolwork (I’m doing most of the “important” concentrating things in the evenings, after they leave).

…and then they put a nail into a new pipe. SERENITY NOW.

furries anthrocon pittsburgh

Furries! (and me, in my awesome StitchFix dress)

I have to work another night shift (for our big annual fundraiser); otherwise it’s all homework, all the time on this weekend to-do list. Although I’m hoping at least for Sunday brunch and a glass of champagne with my bestie who is visiting for the party.

seven things, seven days:
1. OATMEAL! Love oatmeal. And this is why oatmeal keeps you full. {scientific american}
2. Is being too nice a problem? {via daily times}
3. Hanging out with the Anthrocon “furries” last weekend was great.
4. Although TOO. MUCH. DRINKING.
5. Derby break is over, and back to regular practices! I both loved having a break and loved being back.
6. And now I get to use my derby organization in a research study for one of my classes. Kind of nice having 60+ people at your disposal for surveying.
7. Need a durable tote like this, in cognac leather color, to carry laptop and such. Suggestions? LL Bean confirmed the cognac bag was discontinued. For sad.

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