the week:
So, I didn’t run the virtual Christmas Story 10k last weekend. I really wanted to, but it was raining in Buffalo. I had all my winter running stuff, but was not prepared for running 6+ miles wet. And then it didn’t stop raining in Pittsburgh, but after doing some Christmas shopping, I was flat-out exhausted. I’m hoping to get a run in this week, but, you know, FINALS WEEK. I will try not to beat myself up too bad for not really doing much else outside of homework and studying.

I did eventually run my 10k this week, so more on that in a later post!

FINALS! And a handful of holiday parties (that I’ll probably end up canceling on account of exhaustion). And working.

seven things, seven days:
1. If this isn’t a week for a massage, I don’t know what is.
2. I participated in an #instabestie gift exchange, and I was so pumped to shop for my unknown “bestie.” It’s all based on personal Instagram account, so it will be interesting what my shopper gleans from my photos. Also, we had a minimum charity gift as part of the exchange, which added more holiday cheer to the experience.
3. Oooh, my first full-time paycheck from my new position!
4. Booo, working 6 days in a row!
5. I did FRAN this week at CrossFit. HOLY CRAP.
6. And I booked a derby camp IN AUSTIN at the end of February. (YAY!)
7. I really enjoyed this list (I fell for the bait!): Alas, 7 Morning Rituals to Empower Your Day {via LifeHack}

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