the week:
I had big plans for my week… but I cannot get over this stupid cold/sickness thing. Then I started having some weird mouth inflammation (I don’t know how to describe it) that I’m unsure if it’s illness-related or a food allergy (oh, god help me) or something else weirdly related to my getting two old silver cavities replaced a few weeks ago (mercury poisoning?).

In any event, I’d like some of feeling normal back, please.

Off to Ohio for family and holiday things. And apparently some more winter-like temperatures. *groan* I’m also planning to run around Columbus for a couple short runs (maybe a portion of the Hot Chocolate 15k route?).

seven things, seven days:
1. The first Arts & Drafts event was AMAZING — and I wrote about it for Pittsburgh Happy Hour!
2. It was fun to get away from my desk at lunch one day this week too, even if Six Penn took away their daily pizza special (they have a great gluten-crust, be-tee-dubs).
3. So I officially submitted my derby retirement paperwork. Felt weird to make it “official,” but at least I don’t have to stress about being in some weird purgatory. And I can still attend practices and do contact if I want. And I can always go back full-speed if that’s what I decide to do. So… That’s that.
4. Placed an order with Bake Me Happy for some gluten-free goodies (and a full-size carrot cake) on my return to Ohio this weekend.
5. I had to find a new team already (in just Week #1) for group project in this HRM course; two people in my first selected group have already dropped the class (Imma guess it’s the phonebook-sized book).
6. I’m listening to this Rich Roll podcast with Michael Gervais (again) because it just has me stopped in my tracks. There is no doubt that performance psychology is where I want to go, in terms of education path.
7. How to stop buying crap you don’t need (like a box full of gluten-free sweets? NAH.). {via lifehacker}

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