the week:
I started off the week by running a marathon… and, well, I’m just riding that high. Read my race recap for the Niagara Falls International Marathon.

Trick-or-treat in my neighborhood is always the best. And Halloween marks our four-year anniversary of moving into our house. I like to dub this weekend as “one of two yearly hangovers that I look forward to.” I only just thought of a fun idea TODAY for a costume. So, I’ll be running around tomorrow trying to find a beard. HA!

And I have my post-marathon massage. NINETY MINUTES, BABY.

seven things, seven days:
1. Season 2 of Nicole Antoinette’s Real Talk Radio Podcast is live!
2. I’m really bummed about my hair right now. Last week, it got totally fried, and I’m losing so much hair every day — it’s breaking off completely at my hairline — and it didn’t even lighten properly. Not to mention, for the first time the processing KILLED my scalp while it was on. I guess I’m more pissed than bummed.
3. Moved to my new office at work this week, and was greeted with door decorations, a “welcome to the 3rd floor!” gift bag, and a lunch party (and a giant Snickers bar).
4. It’s tights season! And I’m finding getting dressed to work overly complicated again. Also, who puts tags in tights seams — THE WORST!
5. I participated in an EEG research study at The Scarehouse last year, and I got my brain activity info this week. SO NEAT.
6. On our road trip from Canada, I found “Kool Ranch” Kale Chips at the rest stop. Oh man, they were so good! Definitely not better than Canada’s Intense Pickle Doritos though.
7. This last one is for my Pittsburgh runners. Here, since I forgot to include this picture in my marathon recap:

Pittsburgh runners say LOL.

Pittsburgh runners say LOL.

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