the week:
Woah, boy. We learned way too much about zoning, permits and the pains of living in a historical neighborhood. Found out the hard way upon applying for a permit because we wanted to have the deck resurfaced next week — a deck that is a) not to city code and b) never approved in the first place and c) also butts up to a property line of an abandoned house (the one we’ve been trying to find an heir to purchase). What. A. Mess. But also, basically, since we have this lovely courtyard that is technically the side of our house and not the “back” we need historical review for everything.

The deck project will happen, even if it means just tearing the damn thing down. It’s just going to be delayed a few weeks.

Headed on a short road trip to Bloomington, Indiana for a derby tournament. Our last travel game until post season. Definitely not the last of travel though for summer.

This Sunday is the Pittsburgh Marathon. Fun day to go into town and give some support to these runners. Take the T or ride your bike because driving a car in/near downtown, east end or north side will be basically a lesson in detours.

seven things, seven days:
1. My review for Benjamin’s (a burger joint in Pittsburgh) made Yelp review of the day this week!
2. Wake up to an iPhone? You should change your alarm to a theme song from your playlist. Mornings are so much more fun now!
3. I celebrated one year at my part-time job. Time flies. Like the birds. *chuckle*
4. Signed up to do the Tough Mudder in August. I’m equal parts terrified and excited. And so ready to challenge myself.
5. Speaking of which, I finally went back to our team trainer this week. And the soreness feels GOOD.
6. Check out this Kickstarter campaign for Cherry Bombe Magazine: a beautiful publication celebrating women and food. I like!
7. Counting down the days until my birthday next week. How I feel about that. TLDR: Not great.

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  • themoderngal

    We live in a historic district, and it is such a pain in the ass to do anything. I do appreciate the effort to preserve beautiful old houses and the nature of an old neighborhood, but it pisses me off that there are people who live around me who let their properties get run down because they’d rather choose not to navigate the red tape. Not to mention, I just want the kind of energy-efficient windows that i want in my house.