the week:
A lot can change in a week. As an adult, I think it is important to be able to change your mind, your answers, your direction, or the field — whatever and whenever necessary. I made some big decisions this week as result of my life (and career!) going in a new direction. I do not fear change; in fact, I needed a whole lot of it in my life! Because I suppose I fear complacency more.

Also in change: we bought some new living room furniture on a fun binge at West Elm. I’m getting a blue couch! SQUEE!

Friday, joining the ladies for the 21+ night at the Carnegie Science Center, and then joining the Steel City Road Runners Club for a training run on Saturday morning! And then it’s back to my usual “all homework Saturdays!”

52 books, 52 weeks:
#3. Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me?” A new fan (and binge-watcher) of The Mindy Project, I was hoping for continued hilarity, like her, but this book was pretty abysmal and pointless; while easy to read, I found myself skimming a lot just to finish. It felt really forced and… bluff. MEH.

seven things, seven days:
1. I have no idea how I got this subscription of Sunset magazine, but… somebody wants me to move out West? I was quite excited to see a gluten-free orange cake on the cover, however!
2. I WANT THIS HOUSE. And I’m REAL SAD that it is already contingent.
3. Stopped into my NEW JOB to meet my team and other employees, and do a little orientation. I am SO excited about this position, you guys! I start officially on January 28. AND I HAVE AN OFFICE!
4. I also completed my first peer coaching session with a classmate. This class is so hands-on and scary and intense, but the course and different coaching frameworks are so interesting.
5. We got to celebrate a little with brunch at Eden in Shadyside. I have dreams about their chickpea pancakes smothered in cashew butter!
6. No One Is Successful to Spite You: How to be Happy For Others {via PsychCentral}
7. I swear, every time I read Nicole Antoinette’s blog posts, an internal fire gets lit inside me (is that redundant?): What Makes Your Life Better, Easier, & Way More Fun? {via Life Less Bullshit}

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