the week:
DUMB COLD. And I’m not talking about the weather. When the only medicine that works is Tylenol Nighttime, you know you’re in for a long week. *ack*

dark blonde medium length hair for summer

New Hair!

Memorial Day weekend! Excited to have some family out to Pittsburgh for a cookout (I’ll be mostly working my part-time job this holiday, but four days off in a row before then is nice). We also have to go through our basement to pull items for the neighborhood yard sale at the end of the month. The thought exhausts me…

seven things, seven days:
1. The Food Lab says THIS is the secret for peeling hard-boiled eggs. My method is very similar AND IT DOES NOT WORK. Is there nothing more frustrating?
2. Just in time for summer, Breyers to add gluten-free labels to 36 of its ice cream flavors. Hooray!
3. I live in an equal state! YAY, PA!
4. Did I tell you about my MALE pedicurist asking me when my boyfriend is going to “pull the trigger” on marrying me? These outdated standards have, for real, transgressed over gender lines?! The hell.
5. It’s that time of year again! The Warning Signs of Skin Cancer {from}
6. A neighbor gets laid off, and a stoop breaks out. This is why I love my neighborhood: the people are amazing.
7. {from Psychology WOD} Welcoming Vulnerability: The importance of being at the back of the pack. This post really stayed with me over the last month. (And she recommends strapping on some roller skates!)

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