the week:
Had my MOHs surgery this week, so this post will be short-and-sweet. I have to wait 7-10 days to do any kind of physical activity, so I’m also on derby break. I’ll know more next Thursday when I get my bandages removed (for further healing time). I have no idea how long my stitches will be in my face, which is weird — especially if they’re going to be exposed.

Neighborhood yard sale (also, first time in public since the surgery). Power game on Saturday, and then the Pirates game with my dad on Sunday. But lots of rest and learning how to cover up a black eye with makeup.

52 books in 52 weeks:
I got 17% through a new book about Ted Bundy, but it was boring, so I cut my losses and started reading something else.

seven things, seven days:
1. I won a $100 restaurant gift card from Dawg’s Dish. SO AWESOME! And we have a new restaurant to try when we return to Cleveland.
2. Yoga. Needed.
3. Purchased a CC cream (finally) and was disappointed to learn it didn’t contain sunscreen. Plus, the product itself sucks. Meh.
4. We booked a trip to Costa Rica!
5. Now I need to renew my passport though… holy expensive — especially for expedited processing!
6. Homemade strawberry milkshakes: for those days when you cannot drink alcohol. Sober Therapy.
7. Does trying to be happy make us unhappy?

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  • themoderngal

    Hooray for surgery being over?

    That happiness post is interesting, and I do buy it. I gleaned something similar after reading 75 percent of The Happiness Project (which was all I could force myself to get through). She seemed to focus so hard on trying to find happiness in controlling and quantifying her happiness that she seemed to totally miss the boat on happiness. I think better to focus on things you enjoy doing, and if happiness is a by-product, then great.