the week:
WHEW. We made it, guys! Who’s ready for some wine? *raises hand*

I think I’ve finally found my new work-personal time groove this week, which means that I can start fitting in other things like socializing and working out with regularity. AHEM.

I still need to wash my car… SERIOUSLY. And if the license bureau is open, I need to do that, too. We have a date night dinner scheduled with a few other couples (connections through boyfriend’s work), but my To Do List is seriously stressing me out. I have a lot of items labeled “return.”

seven things, seven days:
1. Special delivery from Bake Me Happy GF in Columbus. My lunch breaks just got more nom-tastic.
2. Even though I went on a little bit of a shopping binge after moving, I still have a nice extra padding in my accounts. I don’t know about you, but that always makes me feel so relieved to be on top of things financially.
3. HOLY HOT YOGA. I joined Life Time Fitness, and there’s a hot vinyasa flow class on Wednesday nights. The instructor is amazing, and my arms and shoulders are crapped TFO.
4. Have you tried out the new Goals app in the Google Calendar? I was really excited about it, until I realized that it was scheduling all my workouts when I was scheduled to be at work (and my work schedule is inputted as “busy” on my calendar). Hopefully, that will get fixed and/or it will learn my habits.
5. Instagram is ruining your vacation. Mmm-hmm. {via Backchannel)
6. It hurts because it’s true: Being tired isn’t a badge of honor β€” and it kinda makes you act like a dick {via Signal v. Noise}
7. 14 hikes for anyone in Iowa β€” I can’t wait to get out there and start exploring!

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  • I need to clean my car out so badly. Well, to be fair, 90% of people who get in to my car talk about how clean it is, but it’s not up to my expectations at the moment and it drives me nuts. But preparing for my own move (just downsizing – staying in Cranberry and still with mom) hasn’t left much time to get much else done.