the week:
Oh HIIII! Are you also still recovering from the holidays? Yeah, I think I’m still recovering from being on vacation the week before Christmast too. Anyway, it’s a new year, with a new car! Yeeeeep. Oh, and I’m also not drinking again this January, so bear with me.

Getting in a couple CrossFit workouts and a small meet up to say goodbye to one of our coaches. Then, I’m going to attempt a Girls’ Night Out pending the progression of this cold.

We have an info meeting about travel team tryouts — can you believe this is already happening in two weeks?!

seven things, seven days:
1. Finally hit 10,000 steps for the first time on my Fitbit Flex. AT THE CAR DEALERSHIP. Freaked me right out when the thing started buzzing.
2. I received my first book for school — starts on Monday. Shit’s getting real.
3. I probably don’t need to vent here about the recent fraud alerts, right? But how frustrating right at the holidays.
4. Received the new Dan Savage book for Christmas, and I’m ready to dive into that. (But first, school.)
5. Beyond obsessed with this M.I.A. song. And my new car’s Sirius system. MUSIC THERAPY.
6. You know what happens when you skip laundry for two weeks? LAUNDRY MARATHON. hashtag: ugh.
7. From the Neurocritic: Men are map readers, women are intuitive, but bloggers are fast.

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