the week:
Hey there, missed you. I’ll catch you up in another long-winded post, but for now… Riding high off a big derby win last weekend.
Life is not parallel though with wins-and-losses. And I can no longer find comfort in my favorite comfort foods.

hammock relaxation

All the relaxation.

Went to the hockey game last night (boo!), and I had to work all Easter (whatever, double pay — woo!). Going home to lots of homework and hrutka.

seven things, seven days:
1. No biopsies at my yearly skin cancer screening! What a relief. I got an ugly mole removed just for shits-and-giggles…
2. Received my first Blue Apron shipment, and I’m so excited about the service — especially when the boyfriend is traveling!
3. Two weeks left to go in my first semester back to school. LET’S DO THIS.
4. Disappointingly, I couldn’t have the gluten-free meatball at the new Meatball restaurant. I was *so* looking forward to its open. SIGH.
5. Random LOFT sale: 50% off everything?! I love spring shopping.
6. The Crossroads of Should and Must really spoke to me. On that note I’m really enjoying finding heartfelt essays like this on medium.
7. The irrationality of irrationality: The paradox of popular psychology. Ooooh, where was this article when I was doing an assignment a couple weeks ago???

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