the week:
Yeah, yeah, yeah… birthday week. It’s been one of the hardest of my last few years — and has nothing to do with aging. Well, I’m sure that I’m thinking too much about it because of my age, but it’s nothing to do with NOW I’M 36. I’m equal parts just speechless about a lot of things right now and really stressed. Relationship maintenance is hard, you guys. I don’t even know where to start or finish after saying that.

But thinking about this Cooking for Two: Reconnecting with Your Loved One from A Taste of Therapy.

photo 1

Bout Day! actually, I have TWO bouts this weekend (one of which, a hangover bout… woof) and hopefully a little bit of birthday celebration.

52 books in 52 weeks:
#12: “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell – wasn’t quite as engaging as “Blink,” but I did enjoy the personal stories of success.
True story: I was NOT posting this weekly update until I finished this damn book.

seven things, seven days:
1. Started off the week with a Cinco de Mayo stoop
2. …and a big argument. *sigh*
3. Continuing tradition with a free birthday dinner at Eleven (third year). They always have the best birthday desserts too.
4. Started my 10-day NO IBUPROFEN challenge. It’s not really a challenge so much as it is REQUIRED… but, because we took this month off from 30-day challenges, why not?!
5. Rules for Life from the lovely Bloggess. Don’t stop reading at the end of the article… the comments are just as important.
6. Want this book! It’s so pretty to look at.
7. 13 reasons why growing up is mind boggling {#12 is so hard to admit sometimes}

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  • themoderngal

    Happy birthday (well, birthweek, I suppose)! Sorry things are so … messy? Not totally great? My birthdays have a habit of being assholes. Here’s to hoping this week is much, much better.