the week:
Finals Week. I’m stressed. I’m also doubly-stressed about preparing my prospectus for my Capstone project that basically starts NOW. I’m sitting in a little pressure cooker now, with six weeks left until I am DONE done with this program and all I want to do is meditate and yoga and zone out.

By the way, how about that Supreme Court decision, eh? <33333333 weekend:
Pretty sure I’ll be finishing up a paper or two on Saturday, and Sunday I will be prepping for my last two courses that begin on Monday (including aforementioned Capstone project). NO BOOKS REQUIRED, holla!

Sunday is also Open Streets PGH, and I’ll at least be doing the 6-mile training run with SCRR in the morning. Shit, I’ll probably have a few mimosas too.

52 books, 52 weeks:
#23: Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture: Based on the Competing Values Framework by Cameron & Quinn. Textbook that I really need to read in depth again before my Capstone class starts. I think the instruments and insight in this book will be usable for my senior project.

#24: Your Nutrition Solution to a Healthy Gut. I needed another easy read to catch up on my book goal and to take a break from my coursework. “Healthy Gut” was another food/nutrition guide book that was mostly easy-to-understand but not completely targeted to gluten-free folks (there’s an entire line of these nutritional books by Kimberly Tessmer, by the way). There’s a great meal plan and I like the section about “10 things you should (and should not) be eating.” This book was provided to me by the publisher, FYI. And it’s so newly-published that it’s not even on Goodreads.

seven things, seven days:
1. A Ranking of all 169 episodes of Seinfeld. If you’re into that. I know what I’ll be doing once I’m done with school. {via}
2. Not only did my boyfriend & I make it on the Kiss Cam at the Pirates game this week, but I was (embarrassingly) shown on the Chicken Dance Cam. #streetcredruined
3. The first of the FUSE@PSO concert series was this Wednesday at the Symphony and OMG you CANNOT miss the next one in October!
4. Received my President’s List letter from winter semester, and I’m on a straight-A streak! Which, of course, leads to more anxiety about performing well during my last semester.
5. I’m so happy that my friend-slash-neighbor joined me for a 6am run and could be both my running and accountability partner. Although 5:45am wake-up calls…zzzzzzzz.
6. I enjoyed this article from The Book of Life immensely: When is One Ready to Get Married. Although I got lost a bit on the intention of #6, the rest is profound maturity in the making for readiness in marriage.
7. “Professional Introvert” — well, this post just resonated too much for me {via The Financial Diet}

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