the week:
OK, we’re going to talk about the weather this week because I think I speak for most of us when I say this shit is for the polar bears. Winter, I love you but I am OVER you. Looking ahead to the 10-day forecast though and I am all SUNSHINE AND GIMME THE BUTTERFLIES.

winter red lips

And yes, all the bright lipstick.

After a cheese plate happy hour tonight, we’re going to hit up the Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show, but otherwise I plan to RUN. OUTSIDE. Next weekend is the RnR 5K in DC, and I am so far from even thinking about attaining a 5K PR. So I’m going to go all out in my St. Patrick’s Day silly gear and have some fun with my friends.

Don’t forget to “spring ahead”!

52 books in 52 weeks:
#7 Finished one of my textbooks, Careers in Psychology: Opportunities in a Changing World
This actually would have been a great class semester ONE in the psychology program… not class “almost finished.” Weird context from this perspective. Alas.

seven things, seven days:
1. I’ve had a tab for the Niagara Falls International Marathon open on my computer for an entire week, hoping to make a decision on running that this fall. I. Am. Terrified. (But I still want to do it!)
2. We lost our power for 20 minutes this week. Was fun for… one whole minute.
3. Bill Withers live at Carnegie Hall (1973). Mmm-hmm.
4. Rug sale (again) and found a large jute rug for the living room for only $60. SCORE!
5. Holy crap, there’s a MOOC course about superheroes and their impact on pop culture from Smithsonian featuring Stan Lee! I AM EXCITE.
6. You guys! I started tearing up at my desk when I read this adorable story. Animal Rescue League program has kids read to cats. {via CBS Pittsburgh}
7. Signed up for this month’s Creative Soul Connection, hosted by Britt Reints of In Pursuit of Happiness and the Happiness Conspiracy.

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