the week:
Because I’m trying not to procrastinate any further on my senior capstone, I’ve got mostly links in the “seven things” section today. But I have read every single thing, so I guess my procrastination likes reading about procrastination and motivation and such.

Tonight is the Liberty Mile, which my team won first place in some category last year. I’m “competing” (lolz) as an individual this year, hoping to beat my mile time of 8:42. But otherwise, I’m just doing this one for fun.

liberty mile pittsburgh race downtown

Last year’s medal — and the FIRST medal of my collection!

Saturday: ROBERT RANDOLPH AND THE FAMILY BAND, YES. FEASTival looks to be kick-ass (I hope it’s not hot and crowded, double-lolz).

On Sunday, Bolthouse Farms and Giant Eagle are co-hosting a fun (and nutritious) community event as part of its #SnackMob tour. From 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., the event will feature live music and fresh food, with registered dietitians on-site to provide nutritional guidance for back-to-school snack options for kids. The family-friendly event this weekend will take place at Giant Eagle Market District at Settlers Ridge. Unfortunately, I cannot attend, but Bolthouse was kind enough to send me a few samples of their products. While I don’t have kids, I like snackin’ like them! Trust: these snack items are GOOD.

seven things, seven days:
1. My first sunburn in a few years, and I feel like an idiot (despite my use of sunscreen AND multiple reapplications).
2. But yay, more pool time at the club!
3. Holy crap, you guys — I won a twitter contest that includes entry to EVERY race from Elite Runners Pittsburgh this coming year. I AM SO EXCITE.
4. Probably the best article on procrastination that *I* ever read {via Mark Manson, naturally}
5. What kind of introvert am I? Social introvert. What kind of introvert are you? {via PsychCentral}
6. Me: The upside of being boring. I’ve had enough exciting life for three of me, thankyouverymuch. {via Fast Company}
7. This method would not work for me AT ALL, unless we’re talking about traveling around the world or you want me to eat cereal for every meal: The 2 words that every Busy Person should say before committing {via The Muse}

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