the week:
Feeling a lot like my first week of work, as I’m transitioning into a new role on my team. So, it’s been a lot of training (both receiving and giving, as I have to train a couple team members who are taking over my previous tasks) and exploding my brain with new procedures and systems.

BUT I love that the work is a little more intense and challenging and providing me with a broader skill set.

It’s also really, really hot this week — like, in the 90s, hot. It feels nothing like Pittsburgh 90-degree weather (which I found completely sticky and oppressive), and I actually spent time OUTSIDE kind of enjoying the hot winds (yeah, it’s still windy!).

Last night we went to a fundraiser at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, which is in Prairie City, Iowa. I want to post something separately about this wonderful preservation because it was a beautiful place and a fun event.

Since it’s going to be close to 100 degrees with the sweat index today, I’m going to spend some time in some air-conditioning at Ulta replenishing some of my make-up stash (birthday gift cards, ftw!). And then, we’re golfing on Sunday — I get to practice some of what I learned at my lesson this week.

seven things, seven days:
1. I plan to attend one of these beginner adult ballet classes at Des Moines Social Club.
2. I’m also starting to think about CrossFit again. I’m just… not comfortable or confident with lifting alone at my gym (and I can’t get a trainer to respond to my online requests to set up an appointment), which is kind of a bummer.
3. Man, just when I thought that MarathonFoto was a rip-off, to download pics from my race last weekend is $18 per freakin’ picture. FOR A LOCAL RACE.
4. For all my fellow Goop haters: Is Gwyneth Paltrow full of shit? Science says yes. And I especially love said scientist calling out detoxes as “fancy anorexia.” {via Think Progress}
5. Hold the carbs, please. {via NYT}
6. On the tireless consumption of foodies. OOOOOH BOY, do I hate the word “yummers.” {via The Baffler}
7. We’re booked on next year’s Rock Boat XVII!

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