the week:
WOO-HOO, VACATION! We’ve been hopping (driving) around to a couple cities in the Midwest on a little road trip this week. And I can cross off visiting the state of Nebraska! We drove over the border from Kansas City, MO, so the boyfriend could cross off Kansas, too.

I wish that I could’ve signed up for a race somewhere while traveling, but not much of that happening during the week. There are quite a bit of “new” cities that are only a couple hours drive away from us — so in the next year, I’m going to start looking at races in some of those other cities.

Enjoying the last couple days off work. It felt good to finally get caught up on sleep last night IN MY OWN BED. (Surely, the cat still woke me up in the middle of the night, just as though we never left.)

seven things, seven days:
1. The cats seemed to do well with the new sitter; though Big White Cat hasn’t left my side for 15 hours. I also had all three cats in the bed with me when I woke up. <3 2. Speaking of cats and vacation: on one of my job alert emails this week, a position for "two spoiled cats that need extra attention while we are out of town” MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD.
3. There is still a gluten-free Godiva cheesecake in my fridge that we forgot to serve from our 4th of July party. #breakfast
4. On nightshades and inflammation — something that I’ve struggled with for years (including a two-year abstinence diet from); my cravings for tomatoes and spicy foods has never gone away. SIGH.
5. I considered joining the Kansas City November Project workout this week while I was there. And I’m really bummed after reading this article that I didn’t (though I dislike the “cult” reference in the title). I discovered the amazingness of November Project too late after the “pop-up workout” in Pittsburgh last year, and I really wish that there was a tribe in Des Moines! This type of fitness community chatter, though, makes me miss my CrossFit family a lot.
6. Being a go-getter is no fun {via The Atlantic}
7. Appropriately, Easing the pain of returning back to work after vacation {via HBR}

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