the week:
Well, it’s the last week of July — I started training for my Fall half marathon this week, and I just saw my first back-to-school commercial. Which means we can almost put this awful humidity-heavy weather past us in a few more weeks. AND we’re SO CLOSE to Iowa State Fair time! The week felt like it was running repeats of Monday-ish moments, and WHEW am I glad it’s the weekend.

We are invited to a dinner party Saturday night and got a last-minute invitation to see Jim Gaffigan on Sunday night. And after having some happy hour fun last night after work, I’m going to feel pretty Monday come Monday.

seven things, seven days:
1. Watching the DNC speeches, feeling pretty pumped up about being a woman right now. *fist bump*
2. OMG I love my new running watch!!!
3. The growth mindset in children and how it affects academic achievement {via Pacific Standard}
4. Stumbled across this article when looking at OTHER articles about paying down my student loan debt (I KNOW, RIGHT?): 4 keys to ambition.
5. You can’t keep competing with your younger self. *SIGH* Kind of depressing. {via Science of Us}
6. How exhaustion became a status symbol {via New Republic}
7. A psychologist worked with Spotify to create a playlist of the best songs to wake up to.

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