I don’t know why finding the “right” firm pillow is so difficult — or so expensive. And I need a really firm bed pillow. Yeah, I’m That Guy who lays on the showroom floor testing all of these suckers out. Some of the brands I’ve looked at are nearly $100… I mean, it’s just a pillow. And most of us replace pillows on a semi-yearly or yearly basis, right?

I’m a sleep-flipper, but just cannot get comfortable on something flimsy, thin or soft. Or feather (the horror!). The only pillow that I’ve continued to purchase is the Extra Firm Support pillow from Laura Ashley Home (exclusive to Bed, Bath & Beyond). This King Sized slumber pad holds up quite nicely with the inexpensive $20 pricetag too. 

Because Sleep Therapy is very important to this 30-something.

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