the week:
YAY, new hair! No joke, it’s been somewhere between 8-10 months since I’ve had my hair cut OR colored. Embarrassing. Also why you’ve been likely to see me sporting a pony tail for the last 6 months. I needed a new stylist too, and finally… FINALLY I found one that I love! It only took me two canceled appointments and waiting for the end of derby season for me to see her. I swear if she moves, I will hunt her down for trims and touch-ups.

I’m running a race on Saturday morning. What was I thinking?! Oh, yeah… apple crisp.

Sunday, work. Then… DERBY! THAT I’M NOT PLAYING! It’s our home teams season opener, and to be honest, I’m excited about being on the spectator side.

52 Books in 52 Weeks:
Did I tell you that I lost my Kindle charger? Yeah… this is three things in the last three months that have left me perplexed. Luckily, a helpful twitter person told me that an Android charger would work. We didn’t have any of those things around the house, but found a random charger with a Microsoft-looking logo on it (maybe it’s a Blackberry, I don’t know). The hell, IT WORKED!

seven things, seven days:
1. Alladin’s falafel wrap: my last meal, please.
2. The Pirates run has ended — but OH, what a season! Looking forward to see what this team can do next year. GO BUCS!
3. Naked 2 eyeshadow palette now in my possession! (after a much-needed old makeup dump)
4. I also did another closet dump too.
5. And then I moved around my entire dining room BY MYSELF. Because, no derby season means BOREDOM, apparently. But also: living spaces as inspired by Pinterest.
6. Has anyone local tried Pittsburgh Fresh? I’m SERIOUSLY considering the service, especially that it’s paleo-friendly and locally-sourced meals. I have a problem when it comes to healthy lunches.
7. Which of the four “romantic archetypes” define you (and what do men find attractive about each type)? {via PyschCentral}

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