the week:
Within the last couple weeks, I’ve had two separate mammograms and an ultrasound, and the doctors saw *something* in my right breast. I had my boob biopsied on Friday, so I’ll know Monday what/how I need to deal with that. Fun Fact: during the procedure, they implant a tiny titanium clip (that happens to be in the shape of the breast cancer ribbon). I’m feeling OK, if a little bruised and sore in that area.

But in better news: I got accepted into grad school! I start my master’s program on September 25, and while I’m a little stressed out to get everything started so soon (you know, considering ultra training and unexpected medical things), I am positively thrilled to continue my education in sport psychology.

Capital Pursuit race is Sunday – read my recap of last year’s race. Should I wear the same outfit? ?


seven things, seven days:
1. Officially received my one-year certificate at work! (Gimme that 401k match, plz.)
2. I also got a new manager (my 6th in a year-and-a-half) and re-organized into a new team.
3. Doing the FAFSA for the first time in two years was just as annoying. Also, why in the world do I need to add my husband’s income from 2015 when we only got married 6 months ago?
4. Went to a kickboxing class at Farrell’s this week (thanks to our local lululemon store), and I am obsessed! When ultra training is done, I’m definitely going to do the 10-week Challenge (and will also probably do a couple drop-in classes over the next few months).
5. How much time do I have to waste?
6. I don’t know. I’ve failed A LOT in the kitchen, and it has nothing to do with fear. {via Lifehacker Skillet}
7. Exercise is a waste of time… Ehhhhhhh, I’m not sure that I totally agree with this – why create MORE barriers to getting people to work out? First, we all have different motivators, and a goal can be as simple as “I’m going to to the gym three days a week.” It’s OK to JUST SHOW UP. Frankly, this type of ALWAYS ON thinking is probably going to cause burnout. And he sort of hints that you can only have success if you have a coach, which… ick. Thoughts? {via Entrepreneur}

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