the week:
This week I celebrated NINE YEARS since I quit smoking. Pretty proud of that milestone!

Ready to quit? Check out the Quitter’s Circle for resources on quitting AND staying smoke-free — and find the community support you need to quit for good.

Off to Riverside, Iowa to see one of my favorite bands, Better Than Ezra, at the Casino. They’re touring with The Wallflowers, who I haven’t seen live since, like, 1997.

Also, it’s THE IOWA STATE FAIR time! Tater tot-nachos, I’ coming for ya.

seven things, seven days:
1. My tomato plants are finally producing some fruit – and I got to pick my first tomato!
2. Have you heard about The BibRave 100? Check it out, and nominate your favorite races.
3. Can anyone run an ultramarathon? Short answer: YES! Even Dr. Stanley Beecham agrees. {via Paste}
4. I participated in a wonderful webinar about energy management, which included some exercises for core values clarification and identifying energy resources. These topics are so interesting to me — as they were in my undergrad — and fueled my desire once again to look into applied psychology graduate programs.
5. SEE?! Why you should manage your energy and not your time {via BBC}
6. This was also long-sitting in my inbox: Define Your Core to Design Your Life {via Day Designer}
7. Running with a therapist: I LOVE IT! {via LA Times}

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