the week:
My week as told in bug bites: Sunday, after my trail run, I took off my tall socks and slipped into my OOFOS sandals. While I stood around talking with my friends, I got bit twice on my right calf. My stupidity at spraying my bug spray while my socks were on, which was rendered useless with the removal of them. Then Wednesday, while I was waiting for our golf session to start, I felt something fall down my shirt AND PROCEED TO BITE ME twice in my bra area. Then today at work, something BIT ME ON MY FACE while I sat at my desk. WTF?!

That’s it, I’m bathing in DEET from now until Winter.

Capital Striders long run on Saturday, followed by a visit to the Downtown Farmers Market. And then another trail run Sunday with the CS Turkeys. We are also going to a house concert on Sunday afternoon to hear Amy Gerhartz and hang with our fellow Rock Boat peeps (and have some Jell-O shots, probably).

seven things, seven days:
2. Happy that the 4th celebrations are over and I can return to my regularly scheduled sleep program.
3. The baby barn swallows under our deck have seemingly grown out of their nest — though they still haven’t fledged!
4. When I was on the treadmill last night, I noticed out the window that we also now have a Robin’s nest under our deck. 24-HOUR BIRD WATCH OVER HERE!
5. Chicago Marathon made a lot of effort to provide an excellent training program for its race participants… in PDF format. Would really like to see a major race do its own app that includes a training program!
6. What should you yell to encourage runners, so sayeth Science? Personally, I like to use: YOU GOT THIS! {via Runner’s World}
7. Fascinating. What cookies and meth have in common {via NYT}

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