the week:
I finally moved back into my office building this week, since being displaced by a fire back in February. I’m on my second week back to running, too, and it’s nice being back on something of a regular schedule (trying to get in at least 3 runs a week). A return to usual habits and familiar surroundings brings with it a certain kind of peace…

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Day and Night…

…but also opens itself up to some fun.

Last night, I danced my ass off to STANTON WARRIORS at Lime downtown (still kind of shitting myself that these guys were in Des Moines). Today: my ears are still ringing and I am feeling the effects of a bit too much vodka, though hopefully I find my second wind this afternoon to get some miles on the roads. Sunday Funday: I’ll be enjoying the outdoors and doing a bit of trail running in the AM, possibly biking or skating, and maybe some kayaking (and probably brunching). I opted not to use a PTO day for Monday, but look forward to having the upcoming July 4th to catch up on my hammock time.

seven things, seven days:
1. Somehow I made the list of Top 100 Running Blogs {via Feedpost} at #74. Neat, but… is this a real thing?
2. I joined a Brooks test run/social run from Fitness Sports Ltd. in Clive this week, followed by drinks at 515 Brewery. What a fun night (but holy moly, will I ever remember to use Glide this summer?).
3. There was not one – but THREE – Great Horned Owls in my backyard this week. With the owls and hawks in our area — and our house cats — I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about field mice.
4. Three ways running changes after 40 {via Runners World}
5. And here’s 5 exercises you’ll want to do every week if you’re over 40 {via Prevention}
6. What makes us happy?, asks The Atlantic in 2009. Wonder how this would be written today, with a society so entrenched in digital communities.
7. To wit: The psychology of social media and Stoic truths for a digital world {both via Psychology Today}

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